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Ecoproject LTD


  1. “Ecoproject Bulkern” 

    Ecoproject Bulkern is a Sole capital-owned Limited Liability Company established in 1999. It is an engineering company with extensive experience in the field of waste water treatment and alternative energy sources. Additionally, the company also has experience in hydrogen technology development, photovoltaic park construction and energy efficiency measures. Recently, the company has focused its efforts in the area of Waste-to-Energy through pyrolysis.

    Ecoproject’s Waste Water Treatment expertise lies in the design, delivery and construction of both industrial and public WWTPs. Ecoproject has significant experience in carrying out:

    ·         Feasibility studies for Waste Water Treatment projects

    ·         Design and construction of WWTPs

    ·         Renovation of existing WWTPs

    ·         Supervision of Waste Water Treatment projects

    Notably, several years ago Ecoproject embarked on a mission to develop a proprietary technology for the energy recovery of RDF, waste plastics, tyres and biomass. Over these years Ecoproject collaborated with a number of international companies and academic institutions. As a result, the company now boasts the know-how and the capacity to construct two scalable types of Pyrolysis plants – “Epyr 500” and “Epyr 2500”. Significantly, an industrial scale installation of Ecoproject’s technology is projected to undergo TÜV certification in the following few months.

    For over 14 years, the brand “Made in Ecoproject” has increasingly been seen as an indicator of quality. Unsurprisingly, this is due to the efforts we have put into improving our products, services and processes to optimally meet the requirements of our clients. The high quality of our services is achieved through systematic planning, monitoring and control of all our resources and operations. Notably, Ecoproject Ltd. has implemented a quality management system which has obtained EN ISO 9001:2000